Photo essay: Undisturbed Iceland

Stories | 07.08.2020
Julia Pertek
Arctic explorer and landscape photographer based in Iceland
Iceland is one of the most incredible countries, which is especially loved by travelers from all over the world. These lands were among the last inhabited, and now the island is included in various top ratings of interesting travel destinations. Incredible nature, local culture, safety and Scandinavian atmosphere: all this awaits those who are not afraid of harsh weather and want to go on holiday to enjoy the northern views.
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"I don't treat my travel plans like a single-use bucket list. I often come back to my favourite places to find new angles, new forms and patterns. It's really helpful for my creative process and makes me connect with the surroundings. No matter how many times you will visit a certain place, the experience will always be different. Iceland is known for weather changing rapidly, that's why I always recommend people to visit this country at least twice - in the summer, and in the winter."
Words and images by Julia Pertek and Nomadict
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