True Rome. What to do in Trastevere?
Journeys | 23.04.2019
Trastevere is an area overflowing with real Roman life. Over the past few years, this area has seen an increase in the number of tourists. It seems that everyone is looking for a different side to Rome: without giant queues to sights and crowds on the streets. Despite its new-found popularity, Trastevere still remains a place where you can watch the daily lives of locals and try delicious food. If you decide to go to Rome, we advise you take a stroll in this area. Now we're going to tell you all the best things to do here!
What to see
Mercato di Porta Portese
If you often bring back interesting souvenirs form your trips, or you just like to look at unusual things – you will absolutely love the Mercato di Porta Portese! It is the largest flea market in Rome. It is comparable in size to Portobello Road in London or Saint-Ouen in Paris. You can find everything here; from Italian leather bags to vintage postcards for just a couple of cents.
In addition to the usual shops with rubbish and items you would never think of buying in a million years, the market has entire vintage shops and drains, where you can buy famous brands items for only a few euros. Even sceptics don't go away empty-handed. The market opens its doors at 6 in the morning, and by 2pm everyone has already started to leave. At the end of the day, many market sellers cut their prices to sell off stock. So you can grab yourself a bargain and get things even cheaper!

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Villa Farnesina
This place is known as the treasure of the Renaissance and a monument of painting. Villa Farnesina (1512) was painted by Raphael and his contemporaries, the residence of Agostino Chigi, a banker from Siena. They did not spare a penny when constructing the villa, so each room here is a work of art, where the ceilings and walls are decorated with unique frescoes by famous artists of the time. It's definitely worth a visit and you'll be able to see many great works by Italian artists. Plus, the entrance costs only €6

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The Ancient Papal Pharmacy
There are many old pharmacies in Rome, and some of them are being turned into museums. On the street of Piazza della Scala is a pharmacy dating back to 1650, where you can still buy medicines, but only in the modern hall. Make sure you're not in a rush to leave, as there's a museum in the cellar – an old papal pharmacy, which has been preserved to this day! There you'll be able to see various antiques, vessels and other interesting items of XVII century medicine.

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Observation deck on Janiculum Hill
Rome was built on seven hills. Janiculum Hill is not included in them, but many call it the eighth. Complete your walk along Trastevere with a stunning sunset on the observation deck overlooking the lights of Rome or come here for a picnic in the afternoon. We also recommend you to walk to the Botanical Garden of the University of Sapienza nearby. You can climb Janiculum Hill along Via Garibaldi and at the same time look at the Chiesa di San Pietro in Montorio, where St. Peter was executed.

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Basilica di Santa Maria in Trastevere
It's one of the oldest Catholic churches in Rome. It was founded by Pope Julius I in the year 340, however, the building has been rebuilt many times. It's worth visiting this church at least once for the mosaics, which date back to 1291. Some particularly curious people come to have a look at the exposition of torture instruments, which date back to the massive persecution of Christians in the 4th century AD.

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Where to eat
Dar Poeta Pizzeria
It's a cult pizzeria, not just in Trastevere, but all of Rome. Flocks of tourists and locals come here during the evening. You can eat in the small restaurant or take a pizza to go. Come here to try pizza with seafood or salmon or eat fruit for dessert.

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La Tavernaccia da Bruno
Nowhere is there such a great atmosphere as in a small family café. Trattoria La Tavernaccia Da Bruno was opened in Trastevere back in the 60s, and since then the warmth and respect for its guests has been passed on from family to family for generations. Here you'll find inexpensive, home-style (Italian style), tasty food with a pleasant atmosphere inside. This place is also a favourite in the city, so expect a long wait for a table.

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Freni e Frizioni Bar
You don't have to necessarily avoid popular places if you want to get a pleasant experience in an unfamiliar city or country. The Freni e Frizioni cocktail bar is exactly the place to go. The style of the bar reminds us of a garage, which funnily enough, was exactly what this place used to be. Here they prepare classic drinks and their own cocktails, but if that's not for you, just grab yourself a beer.

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San Calisto Wine Bar
The oldest wine cellar of Rome. Once a haven in bohemian Trastevere. Now it's a popular place on the map of the city, where you can meet everyone: from students to famous contemporary artists. San Calisto is distinguished by the atmosphere of its famous, but simple and inexpensive bar, where you will also feel like a local.

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Trapizzino Piazza Trilussa
In 2008, Chef Stefano Callegari invented trapizzino: a kind of a hybrid of sandwich and a pizza. Now it is a popular street food, and you'll find it being served in many restaurants around Rome. Mono café Trapizzino Trilussa was the very first. Callegari himself opened the place ten years ago, and since then Trapizzino has been popular among Trapizzino fans or simply lovers of trying new things. All together, there are 5 classic types of sandwich, all costing €4 each.

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When in Rome, we advise you to spend the whole day walking through this area. Here, quiet Italian life is mixed with noisy tourists, and the Italians themselves consider Trastevere to be the place with the best restaurants and bars in the city. Save locations from the route in the app, so you won't lose them when you decide to go on your very own Roman holiday.
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