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Journeys | 11.11.2020
Railways are a special way to travel. It is easy to get to many interesting places by train – the total length of railways is more than 1.3 million kilometers. In addition, trains are environmentally friendly – only 1.8% of CO2 emissions come from this mode of transport. Finally, it is interesting to journey by rail – a beautiful view often opens from the train window, and comfortable speed allows you to take a leisurely view of the landscape. We'll tell you about the ten most beautiful railway routes.
First Passage to the West – Canada
Covering the landscapes of southern British Columbia, this route between Vancouver and Banff is one of the most picturesque ones in Canada. The train starts in Vancouver, passes by Fraser Canyon, and then follows the steep slopes that run along the Thompson River. In the coastal city of Kamloops, the train stops overnight, and the next day ascends to the snow-capped peaks of the Canadian Rockies, and finally arrives in Banff. This picturesque city is in the middle of a national park and is surrounded by Rocky Mountains, lakes and glaciers.

Before entraining you should spend a few days in Vancouver. We have a great city guide to help you plan your tour.
Glacier Express – Switzerland
Travelling the Glacier Express between the two picturesque mountain resorts of Zermatt and St. Moritz is the most relaxing way to enjoy the scenery of the Swiss Alps. During the day trip, the train passes 91 tunnels and 291 bridges, passing the alpine meadows of southern Switzerland, mountain lakes and villages. Interesting points of the route are the Oberalp Pass, located at an altitude of 2044 meters, as well as the six-arch Landwasser viaduct with a height of 61 meters, which goes into a tunnel that is cut in the hill-side.

The Glacier Express is one of several impressive train routes in Switzerland. You can read about the rest in our article. For more things to do in Switzerland, check out our guides catalog.
TranzAlpine – New Zealand
The TranzAlpine train route is associated with an amazing landscape – the Southern Alps located on the South Island. The journey begins in Christchurch, from where TranzAlpine travels northwest across the Canterbury Plains along the Waimakariri River. The train travels first through the gorgeous snow-capped mountains of Arthur's Pass National Park and then through subtropical forests. Finally, it reaches the destination: the city of Greymouth, the historic center of gold mining.

Christchurch is a small city that is convenient to explore on foot or by bike. In our observation guide, you can see all the main places to visit before entraining TranzAlpine.
West Highland Line – Scotland
A train ride on the West Highland Line is a way to explore the wild west coast of Scotland. The train departs from Glasgow, the largest city in Scotland. Soon the cityscape gives way to green meadows and quiet lakes. Heading north, the train crosses the Rannoch Moor Desert, then bends around Ben Nevis and passes through Fort William. After that, the route changes direction and goes west. Before arriving at its final destination, Port Mallaig, the train crosses the Glenfinnan Viaduct (featured in the Harry Potter film series).

Mount Ben Nevis looks impressive, so you will definitely want to climb it. It is not very difficult, especially with a special guide.
Ghan – Australia
The Australian Outback (as the sparsely populated arid regions are called here) offers spectacular scenery. The Ghan train ride allows travelers to admire the landscape of these places in comfort. The train travels more than 3,200 km from Darwin to Adelaide, crossing the desert center of the continent. The trip to Ghan also includes several off-train excursions, including a boat ride through Nitmiluk Gorge and a trip to the deserted town of Alice Springs.
Trans-Siberian Railway – Russia
The 9,288 km Trans-Siberian Railway is one of the longest railway routes in the world. The Trans-Siberian Railway covers almost all of Russia: the route starts in Moscow, crosses the Ural Mountains and passes through dense Siberian forests, connecting the capital with Vladivostok. During the eight-day journey, passengers will see the bridge over the Ob River in Novosibirsk and the waters of Lake Baikal, the world's largest freshwater lake, and many other attractions.
Flåm Railway – Norway
The Flåm Railway is short, so the journey will take about an hour. Moreover, the railway is one of the most popular attractions in Norway. It is one of the steepest train routes in Europe. The railway rises 863 meters from its starting point in the tiny village of Flåm in the Sognefjord. The route passes by deep ravines, cascading waterfalls and climbs up to the top of Mount Myrdal. Gorgeous in summer, the Flåm Railway is even more magical in the colder months – thanks to the snow, the landscape outside the window resembles a fairy tale illustration.
Rovos Rail – South Africa
Safari is a good way to explore African nature. The route of the Rovos Rail Train Hotel is approximately 3,200 km long and is surrounded by the stunning scenery of the South African region. The journey begins in Pretoria. From there, passengers arrive at Kimberley, the former diamond rush town where Big Hole is located, one of the world's largest hand-dug mines. Moving further into the Kalahari Desert, the train visits the vibrant capital of Namibia, Windhoek, and then crosses the Namib Desert. The final stop is Swakopmund, a beautifully preserved town of German settlers located on the coast of Namibia.
Belmond Hiram Bingham – Peru
Belmond Hiram Bingham is a luxury train hotel. The route of Belmond Hiram Bingham begins in the ancient capital of Cusco, crosses the Sacred Valley of the Incas formed by the winding Urubamba River and passes through the tiny village of Ollantaytambo. The terminal point of the journey is Machu Picchu. His landmark is an Inca citadel and a UNESCO World Heritage Site high in the Andes.

The outskirts of Cusco are good for hiking. We advise you to use the special guide through the Inca cities – this will tune you in to the right wave before traveling by train.
Golden Eagle Danube Express – Central Europe and Transylvania
The Golden Eagle route of the Danube Express is a 14-day journey through Central Europe and Transylvania. Golden Eagle Danube Express is a good option to get an overview of Europe, because the route passes through the territory of eight countries. From Istanbul, the train travels north through the Carpathians to Transylvania, past Bran Castle, known as "Dracula's Castle". Then there are Hungary, Slovakia, Austria and Poland on the list. The terminal point is in Prague.

To make it easier to decide on a plan for Prague – see the guide for the Czech capital in our app.
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