Roman Forum: The archaeological site of Rome
Attractions | 08.11.2019
The Roman Forum is the heart of the city and one of its foremost attractions. Have you ever imagined ancient ruins? Here you can just look at the ancient buildings and learn about the history of Rome.
About the Roman forum
The Roman Forum is part of the archaeological complex, which includes the Colosseum, the Imperial Forum and Palatine Hill. There are plenty of ruins on the forum. These are triumphal arches, temples (or, rather, what is left of them) and other structures with which many legends and unusual facts are associated.
We advise you to buy a ticket for the entire archaeological complex and take a walk to the Colosseum, see the houses on the Palatine Hill, the Imperial Forums, and visit the museums of the Capitoline Hill. Everything is within reach, so you'll have a whole historic walk in the center of Rome.

Getting here is easy too. The metro station is called Colosseo (line B). You can go to the forum at the Coliseum or a little further if you walk 400 meters from the metro along Via dei Fori Imperiali. The Roman Forum is open daily from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM.
You can't buy a ticket only to the Roman Forum or only to the Colosseum. But you can visit several attractions at once, which is cost-efficient. There are three types of tickets:

— Integrated ticket Colosseum, Forum, Palatine – 16 euro, valid for 1 day.

— Integrated ticket Colosseum+Arena, Forum, Palatine – 18 euro, valid for 2 consecutive days.

— Combo Ticket Roman Forum-Imperial Forum – 18 euro.

You can buy ticket on the Internet or at the box office. For booking a ticket online you will have to pay 2 extra euro per person. Tourists under the age of 18 can attend the Roman Forum for free.

If you do not want to pay extra money, you can buy ticket at the box office. There are two of them: at the Colosseum and at the Roman Forum itself. As a rule, a huge queue is gathered at the amphitheater, and people, by inertia, also get up there and lose an hour (and sometimes more) of time. It is better to go a little further towards the Circus Maximus to the box office near the forum itself. The queues are not big there, and if you arrive in the morning, then you'll spend just a few minutes to get your ticket. The Roman Forum box offices are located on Via della Salara Vecchia, which starts from Via dei Fori Imperiali. You can get to the box office of the forum on foot from the Colosseo metro station.

To save money, it is better to buy a Roma Pass for 48 or 72 hours. Such card gives the right to visit 1 or 2 museum complexes (the Roman Forum among them), as well as freely use the city public transport. You can choose and buy a suitable card on the official website.
Do you know?
  • Previously, until the VIII century B.C., there was a marshland on the site of the forum, it was used only for burials. Under the king Tarquin the Elder a drainage system was established here. On the drained site there appeared platforms for trade, meetings, celebrations and elections. Thus the forum became the center of the public, religious and cultural life of Rome.
  • On the forum there was the temple of Saturn with the treasury of the Republic, it was called the most festive place of the city. Saturnalia was held here – mass celebrations in honor of the god Saturn. Now there are only 8 columns left from the temple, so we advise you to provide yourself with pictures of historical reconstruction when you go to look at this place.
  • Among the ancient ruins there are stones from Regia, the residence of the first kings, and later – the high priests of the Roman religion. In Regia there was the sanctuary of Mars with shields and spears. According to the legend, if they began to tremble, people should expect misery and misfortune. On the night before the assassination of Guy Julius Caesar, the spears in the sanctuary of Mars trembled. Caesar did not pay attention to the bad sign and went to the meeting in Curia, where he became the victim of a conspiracy of senators.
  • On the forum you will see three triumphal arches. One of them is the arch of Titus, built in honor of Titus Flavius Vespasianus, the first emperor in the history of Rome from a family of common people. During his reign, Vespasianus introduced many taxes, including on public conveniences, which is why he is widely credited with the winged expression "Money has no smell".
  • The Roman Forum "starred" in movies several times. For example, in the movie "Roman Holiday" by William Wyler (1953), Princess Anna (Audrey Hepburn) and American reporter Joe Bradley (Gregory Peck) first meet on the forum.
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