Where to go to see the most beautiful lighthouses? The 15 best places
Journeys | 17.07.2019
When we hear about lighthouses, images of travel with the spirit of adventurism and hundreds of incredible stories and emotions immediately appear in our minds. We've put together the most romantic, epic and unusual buildings. Each of them can be saved on our maps and you can go on an adventure.
1. Aniva Lighthouse, Russia
The abandoned lighthouse on Cape Aniva is a hidden treasure that many travellers don't know about. But it looks like a fairy tale castle in the clouds: isolated, mysterious, shrouded in mist and standing on a rock with waves crashing around it. The lighthouse was built in 1939 as a project by Japanese engineer Miura Shinobu, so it is not like any of the lighthouses you'll see in Russia. This is one of the most inaccessible places in the country, but definitely worth the trip. To see this lighthouse, you will have to go to Sakhalin, and then travel by sea.

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Photo by Yaroslav Shuraev
2. Beachy Head Lighthouse, United Kingdom
The Cape in Sussex, with its chalk cliffs, is typical for the south of Great Britain. The famous lighthouse has been working offline since 1902 and looks unusual against the background of the huge cliffs. Despite this place's controversial reputation, the views are incredible and easy to get to.

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3. La Vieille Lighthouse, France
France amazes with cinematic landscapes of its lighthouses. La Vieille is located near the French port town of Brest and is surrounded by the waters of the Celtic Sea. Like all the most romantic lighthouses, it is located on a lonely rock, on which waves crash, reaching up to several metres in height during storms.

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4. Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse, Denmark
The cinematic Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse is located in the north of Denmark on a sand dune overlooking the North Sea. According to forecasts, in 2030–2035 the sea will wash away the coast, and the lighthouse will collapse into the water. We advise you to go and see it while you still have the chance.

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5. Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse, Argentina
If you have always imagined a red-and-white lighthouse that looks like sweets, then Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse is exactly what you're looking for. Located on a separate rocky island against the background of the cliffs of Argentina. The lighthouse is part of the Les Eclaireurs archipelago in the Beagle Channel and has been operating from 1920 to the present day.

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6. Peggy's Point Lighthouse, Canada
Canada's nature and architecture are well-known for almost every taste, and lighthouses are no exception. The most famous is in the province of Nova Scotia. Peggy's Point Lighthouse, built in 1915, is an excellent photo spot if you want to take more than just photos of mountains and forests from Canada, or to see the country in a different mood.

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7. Phare du Petit Minou Lighthouse, France
France can be considered a country of lighthouses as there are so many of them, and one is as beautiful as the next. One of the most popular is Phare du Petit Minou, which looks like it's a screenshot from a computer adventure game: a prominent cape and a bridge with an arch that leads to the lighthouse on the edge of the island.

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8. Fastnet Rock Lighthouse, Ireland
The lonely lighthouse on a rocky island is the tallest in Ireland, standing 54 metres above sea level. The lighthouse was rebuilt twice, increasing its light's visibility radius (50 kilometres), before being automated in 1989. Now Fastnet Rock Lighthouse works autonomously, but inside there are empty apartments for the families of lighthouse keepers.

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9. Hópsnesviti Lighthouse, Iceland
The lighthouses give the already alien landscape of Iceland an even more fabulous view. There are 104 in total in the country. This one was built in 1928 and contrasts perfectly with the rocks thanks to its orange colour. So, if you are looking for non-trivial photo spots in Iceland, make sure you save this point.

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10. Dondra Head Lighthouse
Lighthouses are not necessarily surrounded by cliffs or are located on lonely islands. In Sri Lanka, you'll find palm trees, beaches and warmth, so a lighthouse is definitely appropriate. Dondra is the southernmost lighthouse on the island. It was built by British engineer William Douglas in 1889. Climbing to the lighthouse isn't going to work. Entry was closed in 2017 due to the inclusion of buildings on the list of strategic objects. But the lighthouse and the outside look impressive.

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11. Kermovan Lighthouse, France
Seems like the most beautiful lighthouses are in Brittany, France. Kermovan is located near Le Conque. Don't leave immediately, we recommend to hike up for a better view.

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12. Portland Head Lighthouse, USA
The most famous and oldest lighthouse in Maine. The light of the Portland Head Lighthouse was lit back in 1791 for the first time. In addition to its ideal view and landscape around, there is a museum at the lighthouse where you can learn more about the history of this place.

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13. South Stack Lighthouse, UK
The name of the lighthouse appeared in honour of a small rocky island in Wales. The 28-metre lighthouse was built in 1809, and now it operates automatically. It is worth going here for the atmospheric scenery and a pleasant view of the Irish Sea. The lighthouse is open daily from 10 am to 5 pm and is open to the public.

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14. Lighthouse in the settlement of Gradur, Iceland
Can you remember how many lighthouses there are in Iceland? It is impossible to just choose one, so we've chose several. The lighthouse near the small settlement of Gradur is similar to the building from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. People come here not only for a photo, but to also look at the birds.

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15. Mykines Lighthouse, Faroe Islands
When you're on the Faroe Islands you feel like you're on the edge of the world. The archipelago resembles Iceland, but the power of nature is felt even stronger here. Waterfalls, crashing into the Atlantic Ocean, steaming lakes, dead ends, and to think there weren't any lighthouses. The white lighthouse on the island of Mykines is a local landmark, and is the main part where all the dead ends on the archipelago meet.

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