Overnight under the stars. Where to go to rest with tents?
Journeys | 29.05.2019
Summer is the right time to try new things when travelling. Camping with tents is an opportunity to be closer to nature, to test your durability and save money. We'll tell you where to go to finally fall in love with camping.
Finland attracts tourists from all over the world thanks to its atmosphere and tourist infrastructure. Yes, here you'll not wake up with mountain views, waterfalls or volcanoes. But the Finns have done everything so that you'll come and visit them. The locals have come up with a lot of fun things to do in the woods, organised camping sites and taken care of safety.
Nature here is calmer, but atmospheric. Everywhere you'll see cute red houses, deer walking freely and people boating on lakes, steaming in saunas and swimming. For the second year in a row, Finland has been ranked the happiest country according to The World's Happiness Report, and Lonely Planet and Business Insider have called Finland 2019's best tourist destination.

If you have never slept in tents, Finland is ideal for the first time. Most campsites here are equipped with a shower, an indoor kitchen and organised fireplaces, where there is already firewood.
There are many parks in Finland, almost all of them have camping areas. You can, for example, go to Lapland to the Oulanka National Park, where the famous suspension bridge and the old mill are located. Or to Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park, where, according to the Finnish Meteorological Institute, you'll find the cleanest air on the planet.

To see all the available options for overnight stays with tents, we recommend exploring Finland's official camping site. You can also download an electronic journal for 2019 with a map of all points and an alphabetical index. The site itself is available in four languages.
The region between Argentina and Chile is increasingly appearing on photos on social networks, and there are more and more tourists there. There aren't as many as in Iceland, and you'll have the chance to spend your holidays in incredible nature and not to be surrounded by people from morning to evening.
A lot of people are heading for Patagonia. The main tracks are W and O, they are named after the shape of the trails. W is a simple track for those who do not have much experience; O is for trained travellers. Pretty much everyone goes to Patagonia – from photographers to advanced hiking enthusiasts. All because of the majestic peaks of the Andes mountains and the Perito Moreno Glacier, which you can walk across with crampons (studded metal mounts attached to your feet). And if you remember that glaciers are rapidly melting, a visit to Patagonia becomes a journey of the "now or never" category.
Most places to sleep are located on famous tracks. In some campsites you can rent a sleeping bag and a tent, and some places even serve dinner. In Patagonia, you can only arrange to sleep in special places. But you'll have no problems with them. Especially on the popular W track. It is located on the Chile side in the Torres del Paine National Park. You can book a tour, which will include all the main locations and campsites. You'll find a lot of useful information on the park's official website.
Dolomites, Italy
In Italy, you can go not only to walk through the pretty streets of Rome or spend time on the beaches of Amalfi. The mountain region of the Dolomites is a good option if you want to go camping and spend the night in a tent.
The Dolomites appeared 230 million years ago. At first it was the reefs of the ancient ocean, which then rose to the surface. The mountains in this part of Italy are unlike any other, and it's safe to travel there – sign posts and markings are everywhere. There are a lot of trekking routes of any difficulty. For those who are ready to go for a few days and for those who love mountain scenery, but do not want to go for a long time carrying their backpack.

There are many routes in the Dolomites. We advise you to go on the Tre Cime di Lavaredo track – ("Three peaks of Lavaredo") around a bizarre mountain association or the famous Cinque Torri – ("Five Towers").
Tents in the Dolomites can be put only in designated areas. There are many such locations throughout the region, so you can choose a place that's suitable for you. To make it easier for you to pinpoint your accommodation based on your travel plan, we recommend that you head over to Euro Campings. On the site, you can select the region, type of accommodation, number of people and book a campsite in advance.
Nature is the main reason why people from all over the world go to Norway. Fjords, mountain landscapes and many activities from kayaking to rock climbing and fishing. Despite the beauty and entertainment, travelling around this northern country is expensive. Therefore, camping is a traveller's saving grace.
Often travels in Norway are divided into two types of destinations: Lofoten Islands and the Coast. There are many tracks on the Lofoten Islands that lead to popular beaches or mountain views. We advise you to go to Kvalvika beach or look at the town of Ballstad from up high. On the coast you'll see the popular Trolltunga, Preikestolen Plateau, Kjeragbolten and others. If you decide to look up photos of these places, you will understand that some of them are already familiar to you.
Many routes take only one day, so you can move around the country, every day, sleeping in a new place every night. If you don't have any experience, then in Norway, as in Finland, you'll find many equipped campsites for those who spend the night in tents or in the car. There'll also be a shower, a kitchen and other amenities.

You can set up a tent anywhere you like in Norway.But there are limitations. The main one is the 150 metre rule. You can stop for the night anywhere, but no closer than 150 metres from a residential building or a camping van.
The main assistant on your trip to Norway will be the website of the country's official tourism office Visit Norway. Norwegians have really tried hard and have made a good portal with all the necessary information for travellers. From a selection of attractions to a map with overnight locations.
New Zealand
In New Zealand, as well as in Norway, you should go for the sake of nature. Lord of the Rings fans know that their favourite saga was filmed here. If you watched at least one of the films, you must remember in what incredible landscapes the events take place.
Here you can go hiking, watch penguins, surf and swim underneath waterfalls. For lovers of cities there are megacities with a developed infrastructure.
New Zealand is for many a distant and unknown land, where you'll want to go and discover something completely new. If you aren't sure where to start planning, we advise you to go to the South Island. Our Top 3 take a walk in Fiordland National Park, drive along the scenic road towards Mount Cook and pass through the Tongariro Alpine Crossing.
You can also camp anywhere you like in New Zealand, but several rules must be followed: Do not litter, if possible recycle plastic packaging and bottles. You can read about camping in New Zealand on a separate website, as well as download apps that contain information about all car parks and organised overnight stays.
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