Where to run? 5 cities for running tourism

Journeys | 27.03.2019
If you want to diversify your trip, try themed trips. You can go to try the local cuisine, get around all the museums, climb the most beautiful mountain peaks or stroll along the best beaches. For all runners, we have collected the 5 best cities, where you can go with your running shoes and have a really active holiday.
New York City
Everyone knows the famous picture: The skyscrapers of New York, Central Park and many people running. This is not just a scene from some American film, but in fact very real! New York, in many areas, sets trends and fashion. And it's exactly the samd with running. There are dozens of running clubs throughout the city, and the morning in Central Park can be very crowded. But do not limit yourself just to them. There are many other routes in the city with excellent views. You can choose the embankment and, during your run, gaze upon the urban panorama.
When it comes to running, New York has it all: lanes, traffic lights and special rules. Clubs, too, all differ according to theme. Some people like to run at night beneath the subway, while some people like to get out at dawn and to run along the embankments. If you want to find some company during you run, you'll have no problem in New York.
It is not surprising that the most large-scale marathon takes place here. The TCS New York Marathon was first held in 1970, and in 2018 more than 50,000 runners took part. The number of applicants always exceeds the organiser's capacity, therefore, all hopefuls must be picked from a lottery. Although your chances are still pretty great.
Running in Amsterdam is another way to see the city. Many routes go straight through many famous landmarks. In the morning, the city streets, as in other cities, are filled with runners. Every year the Amsterdam Marathon starts at the Olympic Stadium, in honour of the games that took place here in 1928.
Vondelpark is a favourite place among locals. You can come here to jog, to do yoga, to simply stretch, or just to spend time chilling after your workout. Also, many people like to run among the canals. The Royal Palace most often serves as a starting point; from here every morning the runners set off along their own improvised routes.
There's always a special thrill when running in cities, especially where almost every second building is an architectural monument. This is definitely true for Rome. Here you can make a lot of routes yourself, choose the points you want to visit and arrange a jog-tour. If city running does not suit you, choose the Tiber River Embankment. The route passes over numerous bridges and is accompanied by excellent views of the city from the water.
In early April, the Rome Marathon is held here. It's the biggest event of running culture in Italy. The route includes many of the city's landmarks and attractions, live music and beautiful views. So if you are looking for an alternative way to see the city, you know what to you've got to do.
Berlin, despite its well-known urbanism, is a pretty green city, thanks to its parks. And where there are parks, there are runners. Many run in the Großer Tiergarten Park, which has an area of 210 hectares, along the embankment of the river Spree or right along the streets of the city. The second option is suitable for those who want to explore the city while on the go and to take in all that the city has to offer.
Also in Berlin, every year one of the most famous community marathon runs, the BMW Berlin-Marathon, takes place. Every year at the end of September runners from all over the world come to Berlin, records are beaten at this marathon, and the BMW Berlin-Marathon is a part of the association of international marathons and runs.
As in many big cities, running culture in London is well developed. There are a lot of running clubs here, and every spring the London Marathon takes place in the city or, as it is correctly called, the Virgin Money London Marathon. A large-scale event, which has been held since 1982. This is a great event not only for runners from around the world, but also for the city as a whole.
On the official website you can read a lot of useful information about the marathon. For example, about the Virgin Money Giving charity foundation.
In addition to the marathon, the city is filled with runners every morning. A popular sightseeing route starts on the Thames River Embankment at the decommissioned Battersea Power Station.
Running tourism is a good option for those who love running culture and travel. Many cities in Europe and America are great for such a "holiday", and of course, there are many more than the five listed above.

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