Terrain layer on the map
News | 04.07.2020
In the new version of the application, a layer has become available that shows the difference in elevation on the ground. With the help of the new function, it will be easier for outdoor enthusiasts to choose a suitable route on the map and navigate in the mountains.
Altitudes are displayed on the maps graphically – by the lines following the shape of the landscape. They show the landscape and gradient of slope on the selected routes. With the layer, it will be more convenient for tourists to choose a hiking or cycling track according to their level of training.

The update will also help you better orient yourself with respect to the terrain and plan your pace more efficiently. For example, you can see how the altitude of the path will change in order to be ready for a steep climb or descent, or estimate the complexity of the relief in advance in order to estimate your potential for the day's crossing.

The update is available on Apple Store and Google Play.
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