Glass breaks bad luck leaves. Everything about the world's superstitions
Journeys | 04.02.2019
Regardless of whether you are a superstitious person or not, you probably know that you should turn around if a black cat runs across the road in front of you, or that you should not be sad if you break a dish, but instead you should expect good luck. In the world of superstitions and more, we are going to tell you about the most interesting
China has a superstitious relationship with numbers and one of the main superstitions is related to the number 4. There is even the concept of tetraphobia – the fear of the number 4. The fact is that in Chinese the word "four" is synonymous with the word "death", so people avoid fours wherever they can. In lifts in houses you can't even see the fourth floor written. It's the same on planes where there isn't even a fourth row. But the number 8 is good, they try to use it as often as possible.
Another superstition is related to pronunciation. The word "book" in Chinese is harmonious with "lose." In many countries, this is a good gift, but in China, it is quite the opposite.

The architecture of the country also abides by some of these rules. You will notice, especially in Hong Kong, that many skyscrapers are built with holes in buildings. It is called Nora Dragon. According to the traditions of the Feng Shui teachings, there should be no obstacles in the path of the movement of qi energy. Dragons carry this energy, and holes are made in buildings so that magical creatures can move freely and carry grace and wealth.
For the whole world Friday the 13th is the day when failures happen. But not in Spain. Here, the unluckiest day falls on a Tuesday. This is all because the word Martes (Tuesday in Spanish) comes from the god of war Mars (Marte) and symbolises negative energy. But this is not all, on this day you can't even get a haircut, because it could "restrain" your life.

The strangest superstitions: If you are used to drying your umbrella at home, do not do it in Spain. Some believe that opening an umbrella indoors leads to disaster. If in China it is not necessary to go to somebody's birthday with a book, then in Spain you shouldn't go with kitchen knives or scissors. This is already a strange gift, and for the Spaniards in addition it's also able to "cut" friendly ties.
If you've ever wondered why the Swedes leave the last piece of food after eating, there is an explanation. Trolls are part of Scandinavian culture and northern people believed in them (some still believe even to this day). Each family took care of its troll, and people appeased him with food, so they always left something after dinner. It's really true that they used to take food outside, but now hardly anyone does.

There is also a story related to sewers in Swedish cities. As with any superstition, is not known for certain, but if you stand on a manhole cover with a letter "A", you will get bad luck, and if it has a letter "K", then luck is already waiting for you somewhere around the corner. Some even believe that even if you step on the "A" manhole cover, you should ask someone to hit you on the back 3 times and all the bad luck will go away.
Everybody knows about the existence of vampires, but in Serbia people really believe in them. Not much is known, but the Serbian vampire Sava Savanović is considered the predecessor of Count Dracula from Romania. After his death, the vampire took a liking to the old mill in the village of Zarožje. When the mill collapsed in 2012, the head of the village advised people to hang garlic in their house and put a holy cross in each room. People were very scared, and the British edition of The Sun and the Daily Mail wrote about the incident. So while we are watching TV shows and movies about vampires, somewhere people actually fear them.
Great Britain
Maybe you did not know, but the UK, too, is full of superstitions, mystical and just strange things. The tradition to say "Rabbit", "Rabbit, rabbit" or even "Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit" on the first day of the month has already spread throughout the world. The point is that if you say this word on the very first day of the month, it will be filled with luck and prosperity. It isn't known where this originates from exactly. There are many versions. Some relate back to the XV century, others to the 13th. Why a rabbit? Many attribute this to the rabbit's foot, which brings good luck, as many believe. Others say that a word, like the rabbit itself, jumps far into the future and brings good luck from there. Surely there are many other versions that exist, but many still say the word "Rabbit" just in case.

Also the British are wary of the crows in the Tower. The birds settled there in the XIX century, and the legend says that if the crows of the Tower of London fly away, the crown will fall and Britain will fall with it.
Now you know that it's better not to go to Serbia without garlic, and in Spain you will have to walk with a wet umbrella or dry it in a hotel while nobody's watching. In any case, superstitions are part of the culture of any country and through such interesting, and sometimes strange superstitions, you can get much better acquainted with the local culture.
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