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Journeys | 07.03.2019
Thanks to our worldwide community we can now share stories from local travellers about unique and unknown places that you won't find in any regular travel guide. Portuguese blogger, V de Viajar, has created Street Art and Viewpoints guides around the city of Porto especially for MAPS.ME. He has collected all the best graffiti art spots and places you should visit to enjoy the best views of the city. Here are just a few of them; for the whole list of points download V de Viajar`s routes from the Blogger section of our Guides catalogue
Street art around Porto
Porto is known for its tiles, omnipresent throughout the city, but in recent years all streets and buildings have been filled with urban art. It is full of small and large pieces of graffiti and urban art samples are literally everywhere. Seeing them all would be impossible because they are on walls, buildings, street lamps, light boxes, doors, blinds, etc. Anyway, when you walk through the streets, try not to lose sight of the detail of everything that surrounds you. You can discover incredible works that are not easily visible.
For Steak 'n Shake by Joana Vasconcelos. Here you can see the largest outdoor work by Joana Vasconcelos, made for the American steakhouse Steak'n Shake. The mural is made up of more than 8,000 hand-painted tiles covering the facade of the building. This use of the tiles is seen as a renovation of the typical tiles that can be seen throughout the city.
"Perspéntico" by Liqen. On the street known as "the smallest street in Porto"you can find the work "Perspéntico", by Galician artist Liqen. It is a painting in which Porto is represented as a city in movement, symbolically portrayed as a "cat-city". The metaphor compares the city with cats, known for their curiosity, agility and cunning nature, able to discover all corners.
"Continuidade" by Mots. Behind the Hard Club nightclub/restaurant/exhibition hall (Mercado Ferreira Borges) you will see this interesting and enormous work that aims to visually expand its presence without modifying the charm of the urban landscape in which it is located.
"D.Quixote & Sancho Pança" by Mesk, Fedor & Mots. In April 2014 the first legal mural in Porto was inaugurated, "D. Quixote & Sancho Pança"by Mesk, Fedor & Mots, a mural measuring 130 square metres of Don Quixote and his companion Sancho Panza representing all the windmills (the adversities) that urban art had to face in Porto until the moment when this work was inaugurated, not to mention all the works that are now able to be inaugurated.
Rua de Miguel Bombarda and Rua das Flores. These streets have the highest concentration of small works of urban art in the entire city. Throughout Miguel Bombarda you should pay attention to every detail, to every wall, door, brick, street lamp, light box, etc. This street is famous, in addition to its urban art, its shops full of small art galleries, shops of local designers and small craftsmen.
"ão" by Frederico Draw. At the entrance of the Luís I Bridge, Frederico Draw created "ão", "someone who invites you to enter Porto"according to the artist. The person portrayed is his grandfather and is one of the most famous urban works of art in the entire city.
"Half Rabbit" by Bordalo II. In recent years, Bordalo II has given life to more than 28 tonnes of rubbish, creating 88 wild animals of different species around the world, exposed on the facades of buildings in 19 countries and 3 continents. Dublin, Baku, Bordeaux, Paris, London or Tallinn, among many other cities.

In Portugal you can see the animals of Bordalo II in the streets of 15 cities: Águeda, Bragança, Castelo Branco, Costa da Caparica, Covilhã, Estarreja, Fundão, Leiria, Lisbon, Loures, Montijo, Oeiras, Porto, Salvaterra de Magos and Viseu. The "Half Rabbit"is part of this project called "Big trash animals".

"Trash Animals is a series of artworks that aims to draw attention to a current problem that is likely to be forgotten, becoming trivial or a necessary evil. The problem involves waste production, materials that are not recycled, pollution and its effect on the planet".
Viewpoints of Porto
Discover the best viewpoints of Porto, from the best known and crowded to the most unknown or local places. And, obviously, here are some of the favourites from Airas.
Viewpoints of the Crystal. If you want to discover and enjoy several of the stunning viewpoints in the gardens of the Crystal Palace, you'll have to walk through them all. Some are balconies and others are green areas where you can lie down and have a picnic if you want.

Views of: Porto, Gaia
Nearest metro stop: Casa da Música, all lines except line D/yellow
Clérigos Tower. This tower is part of the Church and the Clérigos Museum. Its height exceeds 75 metres, which can be ascended thanks to the internal staircase of more than 240 steps. After buying your ticket (it costs about €4/5) you can climb to the top of the historic tower and enjoy Porto from the heights, 360º and even at night during the summer.

Views of: Porto in general.
How to get there: It is in the centre, so all you need to do is to just go up the street from Aliados.
Nearest metro stop: São Bento and Aliados, line D/yellow.
Victory's Viewpoint. One of the best viewpoints in the city, but beware, it is said that it's going to be closed in order to open a hotel. It is an abandoned garden/terrace that is part of a building, which is also abandoned. The views are incredible but you're probably not going to spend too much time here, as there are no places to sit or rest.

Views of: Baixa, Luís I Bridge, Gaia.
How to get there: From Clerigos, go down the small street that is on the left side of the Portuguese Centre of Photography.
Nearest metro stop: São Bento and Aliados, line D/yellow, or Lapa, other lines.
Virtudes. The garden is often visited by students and young local people and Erasmus students who go there to relax, play guitar or the ukulele and have a few beers while enjoying the sunny days. Right next to it there are several bars that serve drinks and snacks that you can drink and eat while enjoying the views of the river and part of the Baixa and Gaia.

Views of: Baixa, Gaia, Douro river.
How to get there: From Clérigos, walk towards the park that you will see from there. Locate the building with the giant statue (it is the courthouse) and go down the street that you will see on the left.
Nearest metro stop: São Bento and Aliados, line D/yellow.
Sé's patio. From the patio of Sé cathedral you can see another incredible perspective of the Baixa of Porto and Gaia. From here you can also visit the cathedral and start your descent through the streets of the Baixa to the Ribeira.

Views of: Baixa and Gaia.
How to get there: : Walk up the street from the train station of São Bento, which is next to the start of the Luís I Bridge.
Nearest metro stop: São Bento, line D/yellow.
Fontainhas walk way. A little crowded walk way that runs along the upper part of the back side of Puente Luis, following the river. This walk way will give you another perspective of the Luís I Bridge and the river side of Gaia, and as it is not often visited by tourists and seeing as it is far away from the centre, it will definitely make you feel like you're in another city.

Views of: Luís I Bridge, Gaia.
How to get there: From Batalha, descend through the entrance of the car park that you will see at the beginning of the road to the bridge.
Nearest metro stop: It starts near the final stop of the Batalha tram and the top of the funicular that goes up from the Ribeira.
Luís I Bridge. The Luís I Bridge is undoubtedly the most famous monument in Porto. From this incredible bridge, over 300 metres long, at the top you can enjoy spectacular views of the two sides of the river, but…Be careful when using the metro!

Views of: Porto, Gaia.
How to get there: To enjoy the views you must access the upper part of the bridge. You can reach it from the street that goes up from São Bento.
Nearest metro stop: São Bento and Jardim do Morro, line D/yellow.
Jardim do Morro. On the Gaia side, you can relax in these gardens with stunning views of the Ribeira of Porto. During sunsets (especially at weekends) these gardens are filled with people who come to see the beautiful views and drink, talk, sing, do yoga, etc.

Views of: Baixa of Porto, Ribeira of Porto, Luís I Bridge.
How to get there: It's the park that you will see when crossing the Luís I Bridge in the direction of Gaia.
Nearest metro stop: Jardim do Morro, line D/yellow.
Guides "Street art around Porto" and "Viewpoints of Porto" are available on MAPS.ME in the Bloggers section of our routes catalog. Download the guides to see more interesting places from V de Viajar
To see more stories from V de Viaja visit his website and join YouTube channel
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