Photo essay: The facades of St. Petersburg

Stories | 18.09.2020
Asya Danilova
The author of the blog about the houses of St. Petersburg
In 2020, the city turned 317 years old – not that great age. But all three centuries of architecture are alive here: Baroque sands side by side with constructivism, and classicism – with eclecticism and modernity. The historic center is extensive. It includes the central streets with squares, the former suburbs, and the islands that used to be the place of the out-of-town rest of the royal family.

St. Petersburg was built according to European examples, so it is not surprising that somewhere you can find Dutch canals, and somewhere you can recognize French palaces and Italian villas. The proximity of the Scandinavian countries also makes itself felt: the Northern Art Nouveau style is found almost nowhere else in Russia except in St. Petersburg. You will need days and a comfortable pair of shoes to see all this, but it will be worth it.
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"St. Petersburg is my hometown. Perhaps this prevented me from looking at it from the outside. But one day, returning from a trip abroad, I thought: you can and should admire St. Petersburg too, you just have to imagine yourself as a tourist. This thought coincided with my passion for architectural photography. This is how the blog dedicated to the facades of St. Petersburg was born."
Words and images by Asya Danilova
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