Photo essay: Oregon Night Skies

Stories | 12.09.2020
Adam Marland
Traveler and landscape photographer
It was the beauty of sunsets and the challenge in capturing them that forced me into buying my first DSLR. An obsession with the night skies has been what keeps the fire lit. Every time I see the Milky Way shine, watch bolides explode, or capture some celestial phenomenon in a frame, I experience a rush that nothing else can create.

Most recently, a very fortuitous night of photographing delivered several once in a lifetime experiences. I was fortunate enough to be treated to a symphony of natural marvels; the first was capturing Neowise Comet over a bioluminescent tide from my home state of Oregon. Later that night, a bolide ripped through a Milky Way photoshoot, nearly bringing me to tears when I saw what the camera had managed to capture.
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"As the world on TV and the internet continues to feel increasingly divided and destructive, I find my peace somewhere in the real world. Somewhere under a Milky Way sky, or in the golden light of sunrise, or face to face with a level of artistry that only nature could conceive."
Words and images by Adam Marland
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