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Journeys | 30.03.2020
Thanks to virtual reality people can travel the world while staying home. We've collected live performances from famous theatres, gathered virtual tours around many different museums, found streaming webcams all over the world and made a list of interesting documentaries. To visit all of those places you can download the lists in our app and travel using the maps.
It's even more exciting to travel in virtual reality when using maps. All of the places are available in our app in the "Online Traveling" section.
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York is the second most visited museum after the Louvre. Here are two million exhibits from Egyptian mummies to contemporary art. The history of the museum began in 1866, but the main building opened only after 14 years. Now the Metropolitan is one of the largest museums in the world. Not only paintings and sculptures are kept here, you can also look at a large collection of weapons, musical instruments, clothes and accessories. You can spend several days here, and this is just to see the main exhibits. Payment for tickets at the museum is based on the principle of Suggested Admission, when there is no fixed cost for the entrance ticket, but there is a recommended price. Take a look at 406k of exhibits from museum’s collection and read publication on various topics..
Photo: Timothy Neesam (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)
Uffizi Gallery

The gallery in Florence is considered one of the oldest museums in the world. Initially, the building was created as an administrative institution, a kind of business palace of the 16th century – hence the name "office gallery". Immediately after construction, the gallery began to be decorated with works of art from all over Europe: there appeared antique sculptures, works of Flemish and Italian painters, icons, tapestries. In 1769, the gallery was open to the public and has since continued to be developed as a museum. Today, the Uffizi is Italy's most visited art museum. Take a look at the catalogue of the exhibits with detailed descriptions..
The Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest

The museum is the largest collection of foreign art in Hungary. The exposition consists of six departments: from ancient Egyptian art to the new masters. Of particular interest are the works of an unknown artist of the 16th century (Master M. S.) and a number of genre portraits of German, Flemish and Italian masters. Periodically, the museum hosts exhibitions of foreign museums, including the Louvre. Look at the exhibits and walk through the halls.
The Hermitage

The Hermitage is one of the main art museums in Russia. Started as a personal collection of paintings of the Russian Empress Catherine II, over time the Hermitage has grown into a large museum complex – today it consists of five buildings, including the Winter Palace – the former residence of the Romanov dynasty. The collection includes more than three million exhibits, from prehistoric times to the present day. The gems of the Hermitage are the works of old masters who were popular among Russian monarchs – these are the paintings by Italian and Flemish artists: Leonardo da Vinci, Giotto, Rembrandt, Van Dyck and others. Take a look at the exhibits, read the detailed descriptions and walk around the halls.

Versailles is a world symbol of baroque architecture. For more than a century, Versailles was the residence of the French kings, and in 1801 it was opened to the public as a museum. Today, more than 60 thousand objects of art are collected here, reflecting the dual nature of Versailles as a palace-museum. Most of the works belong to French art and cover a wide historical period: from the Middle Ages to the 19th century. Take a look at the exhibits and read about museum’s history and legacy.
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The Vienna State Opera

The Vienna State Opera is today one of the most popular opera houses in the world; it has the largest repertoire. Over the year, the opera house hosts more than 50 different operas and 10 ballets in 350 performances. The Vienna Opera House was designed by local architect Augustus Zikard von Zikardsburg, and the entire interior was chosen by decorator Eduard van der Nüll. The grand opening of the opera house was marked by Mozart's opera Don Giovanni on May 25, 1869. In different years, the famous musicians Gustav Mahler, Franz Schalk, Karl Böhm and others were directors of the Vienna Opera. The Vienna State Opera also hosts the annual Vienna Ball. Watch the broadcasts of famous Vienna operas.
The Bavarian Opera

The Bavarian Opera is the Germany's leading opera house, founded in 1653. The works of Mozart, Richard Wagner, Franz Lachner and Karl Orff are performed on the stage of the Bavarian Opera. The Opera House is the home venue for the Bavarian State Opera and the Bavarian State Ballet. At the moment, the main conductor of the opera is Kirill Petrenko, and the director of the opera is Klaus Bachler. The Munich Opera Festival takes place every summer at the Bavarian Opera. Watch the broadcasts of famous operas.
The Paris National Opera

The Paris National Opera is one of the oldest operas in the world. Its history goes back over 4 centuries. Now the Paris Opera owns 2 buildings: The Opera Garnier, built during the time of Napoleon III, and the Opera of the Bastille, opened in honor of the bicentenary of the storming of the Bastille. The most important world opera premieres, such as Iphigenia in Tauris, Don Carlos, Huguenots and Sicilian Vespers, were performed on the stage of the opera. Watch the broadcasts of famous Parisian operas.
The State Academic Mariinsky Theater

The State Academic Mariinsky Theater is one of the leading musical theaters in Russia and the world. The theater was named Mariinsky in honor of the wife of Alexander II Empress Maria Alexandrovna. Over its bicentennial history, the theater has presented the world with many outstanding music artists. Ballet dancers Anna Pavlova, Galina Ulanova and Rudolf Nureev starred there. The operas Boris Godunov, May Night, The Demon and The Queen of Spades were first shown on the stage of the theater. Visit the theater online.
The Berlin Philharmonic Hall

The Berlin Philharmonic Hall is one of the most popular philharmonic halls among all the concert halls in the world. Its building has an unusual pentagonal shape, designed by architect Hans Sharun. The rhombus-shaped auditorium has not only an eccentric appearance, but also excellent acoustics. The main organ was designed by Karl Schuck. At the Berlin Philharmonic, renowned pianists Miles Davis and Dave Brubeck performed. The Philharmonic itself is located in the artistic heart of Berlin – the Kulturforum district. Watch the broadcasts of famous concerts.
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Streaming webcams
Bald Eagles in Pennsylvania

The camera is mounted in a nest of bald eagles and their offspring on top of a sycamore tree in Pennsylvania. Viewers have two types of cameras, as well as a chat where they can discuss what is happening. Look at the family of bald eagles online.
Niagara Falls

The camera broadcasts live the Horseshoe Falls waterfall, one of the three that make up Niagara Falls. A particularly spectacular sight is obtained in the evening, when the backlight turns on. Look at Niagara Falls in real time.
Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro

The camera broadcasts what is happening in the vicinity of Copacabana Beach and the Avenida Atlantica promenade. On the right you can see Sugarloaf Mountain and Guanabara Bay. The beach often hosts music festivals and beach soccer matches. Look at Copacabana Beach online.
Safari in South Africa

Safari broadcasts begin daily at 5.30 local time. During them, viewers can see the flora and fauna of South Africa close with the comments of professional naturalists. The archive of broadcasts is available on the channel. Take part in a safari without leaving your house..
Henningsvaer village in Norway

A view of the fishing village of Henningsvaer – one of the beautiful views of the Lofoten Islands in Norway. This place is known mainly because of the football field on a separate rocky island. You can look at the meditative landscape online. Take a look at Henningsvaer through a live broadcast camera.
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Under an arctic sky

The film by American photographer and director Chris Burkard about surfers riding the waves in the cold ocean. The story of six obsessed people who are in search of ideal conditions in a remote corner of winter Iceland. For some, this is a crazy experience, but for these guys, cold surfing is their whole life. Incredible winter landscapes, ocean waves and northern lights are included.

Where to watch: Vimeo, Amazon Prime, Microsoft
Street Food

Traveling is a culture where there is much more interesting besides popular places. For example, local food. The series from Netflix tells about the culture of street food and people, many of whom did not attend cooking courses, but managed to put their catering points on the tourist map of the city. The first season is dedicated to Asia, the list includes Bangkok, Osaka, Seoul, Singapore and other cities.

Where to watch: Netflix
Planet Earth

The first part of the famous BBC film was shot back in 2006. At that time, it was the most expensive documentary of the holding, which took 16 million pounds to create. The film was shown around the world, and the second part was released only after 10 years. Each series tells about nature in all of its aspects: from living creatures to landscapes. So, there are series with the names "Mountains", "Shallow Seas", "Ice Worlds", etc. The first episode of "From Pole to Pole" received three Emmy Awards in 2007. The third part of Planet Earth is scheduled for 2022.

Where to watch: BBC, Discovery, Netflix
Dream Big: Engineering Our World

Many incredible constructions that we include in our lists of places to visit are created by man. Some were erected in antiquity, but now there are more and more amazing modern projects. Greg McGillivray's documentary tells the story of engineers who create amazing projects changing our lives.

Where to watch: Netflix, Vimeo

A short documentary film by Patagonia's outdoor brand about people who cannot imagine life without water. Surfers, long-distance swimmer, underwater hunter, photographer: they all live in water sometimes more than on land. The brand told an inspirational story about each of the characters. Epic shooting of water open spaces is a separate part that deserves attention.

Where to watch: Netflix, Amazon Prime

All fans of hiking should watch the film of Australian director and producer Jennifer Peedom. The film received the Best Documentary Award at the Melbourne International Film Festival, as well as the award at the Hamptons Film Festival, the London Film Festival, and was nominated for the British Film Academy Award.

This is not just a film, but an ode to the beauty of the mountains with musical accompaniment by the Australian Chamber Orchestra. It's a story about the power and danger of mountain peaks, as well as the courage and fortitude of climbers. We recommend watching the original movie with subtitles in order to hear actor Willem Dafoe, who became the voice of Robert MacFarlane's book "Mountains of the Mind".

Where to watch: YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu
The world's most extraordinary homes

Architecture is part of the culture of every country. If famous buildings and attractions are known to many, then it's time to learn about strange, unusual, large-scale, and simply beautiful houses. In the BBC series, architect Pierce Taylor and Caroline Quentin travel the world in search of incredible architectural solutions and daring designs. In two seasons you will see everything – from technological villas with two-level pools in Miami, to stone houses in the north of Norway.

Where to watch: BBC, Netflix
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