Photo essay: Mysterious Prague

Stories | 21.08.2020
Anastasia Kostromskikh
Travel photographer and YouTuber
Prague is a very popular destination for tourists from all over the world. The famous St. Vitus Cathedral, Charles Bridge, Old Town Square. The smell of trdelníks beckons from everywhere, let alone the diversity of beer varieties.

But I would like to share a different Prague with you. Mystical, quiet and mysterious. In the middle of the night and in the small hours, you can see a completely different city. The city you will never forget. Ancient lanterns illuminate the deserted streets with yellow light. It seems that the clatter of horse's hooves is about to be heard on the paving stones and a carriage with a coachman will appear from around the corner. Morning Prague takes you to another century like a time machine. It is in the early morning that Prague really becomes yours, you do not have to share it with thousands of other tourists.
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"I especially remember the morning ascent to Petřín Hill. A mist fog enveloped the city, which lay sleepily before me. The loud silence was broken only by the rare sounds of cars and birdsong. On the hill there is a platform with benches where you can sit and enjoy every minute of the magical morning."
Words and images by Anastasia Kostromskikh
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