Photo essay: Mysterious Faroe Islands

Stories | 20.06.2020
Kirstin Vang
Self-taught photographer and local guide from Faroe Islands
The Faroe Islands are my home. I was born and raised in the capital Tórshavn, where I lived until I was old enough to go out and see the world on my own. Currently I'm based in Copenhagen because of my study.
Growing up surrounded by fascinating landscape and forever changing weather has given me a tight bond to nature and its forces.

It's funny how we often tend to be too blind to see the beauty that's right in front of us. That's kind of the story of me growing up on the Faroe Islands – how could I know that this place was something special? It wasn't until I got older, went abroad and started exploring other countries, that I realised how extraordinary this remote group of islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean actually is.
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"I'm often amazed by how fast the weather and conditions change here on the islands. It can be difficult to follow what's going on. It changes all the time; you can experience all four seasons in one day, and nothing is ever guaranteed. The result of this is that you realise the need to enjoy life now and to really live in the moment. Embrace the little glimpse of sun and the summer evenings, where the weather allows you to climb the mountain peak you wanted to do for so long. The strong wind, the wind that almost blows you down, makes you feel so small compared to nature's strong forces. The rough weather stirs up the sea and makes you want to stay inside and enjoy the warmth."
Words and images by Kirstin Vang
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