MAPS.ME guides catalog subscription
News | 19.09.2019
Now our users can subscribe to our paid guides catalog. The catalog consists of professional guides and routes from bloggers for more than 600 cities in 100 countries all over the world.

Now it is possible to not only buy a specific guide and use it any time you want, but also to subscribe to the whole paid catalog and use it for a month or a year. The subscription will be useful for our users who travel regularly or often visit several cities during the same trip.
The catalog has both "basic" and "off-the-beaten-track" places guides. You can choose a highlight tour to get an overall feel of the city, or a themed one (for bars, restaurants, best places for jogging, mystical places etc.) to get more familiar with the place.

MAPS.ME maps have thousands of lookout points, restaurants, as well as secret locations all over the world. The guides you install will be also available to use offline.
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