Photo essay: Living on Svalbard

Stories | 05.06.2020
Denis Jurison
Arctic tour guide, freelance landscape photographer
Spitzbergen (or Svalbard) is a polar archipelago in the Arctic Ocean. A total of 60% of its territory is covered with eternal ice, and the population of the entire archipelago is less than 3,000 people. It's a kingdom of polar bears, eternal glaciers, and undisturbed nature. We share a photo story from local photographer Denis Jurison.

Although Svalbard falls under the sovereignty of Norway, anyone can live and work here without a visa.
You may not find such a diverse community anywhere else with almost every person united by a shared love for the Arctic. Tourists come here to see the raw beauty of the North, polar bears, and the northern lights.
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"For some, life on the archipelago may seem truly challenging given the harsh Arctic climate, the polar night lasting 4 months (from late October to late February), and the isolation.
However, for locals, including me, Svalbard is an incredibly quiet place with pristine nature, where you can always lead an active lifestyle and find a new adventure right outside your home. But the most important thing is that there are friendly, strong people with kindred spirits who share common interests with you."
Words and images by Denis Jurison
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