Photo essay: Rocky Mountains of Alberta

Stories | 13.11.2020
Dallin Nowlon
Adventure Lifestyle Photographer and Videographer
The Mountains in Alberta are a very special place for me. It's where I'm able to "find" myself, reconnect with nature, live my passions, propel myself out of my comfort zone, push my limits, meet new friends, and strengthen existing relationships. For me, whether I'm looking for action-packed adventures or a relaxed experience, the answer is usually found in the mountains.

I'm lucky to only live about an hour from the backcountry and frequently take the trip out of the city each week. It's hard not to get sucked into the culture surrounding the Alberta Rockies. The locals are rad, adventures endless, and views absolutely breathtaking! I always have to remind myself that so many people save up and vacation here - often doing the exact same things that I do all the time. It's hard not to take that for granted when it's so accessible. To only have to drive a short distance, literally whenever I want, what more could I ask for.
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"Living in Alberta, close to the Rocky Mountains, is something that I truly cherish. The adventures are endless, the views incredible, and the locals are super friendly! There's always something new to try out or capture! It seems like every time I go out - I always see something new that takes my breath away and blows my mind, even if I go to the same place!"
The experiences that I have in the mountains and the lessons the adventures teach me are something I'll always cherish and will always keep me coming back! If you've never gone, I implore you to take a trip to Canada and visit our Alberta Rockies! I promise it will be a highlight of your life! For those that live so close to mountains, I remind you to cherish what you have, for so many dream of living so close to boundless adventures!
Words and images by Dallin Nowlon
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