How to build routes including subway stations in MAPS.ME
News | 02.09.2019
MAPS.ME can lay pedestrian routes in more than 150 cities including subway stations! Users have built a total of 23.5 million routes through the subway over the past year.
About the Subway Map
Do you know that we launched the possibility of laying routes taking into account metro stations in the summer of 2018? Public transport is often the cheapest way to move somewhere during traveling, and the schemes of public transport in large cities are more like a puzzle. We made them more convenient and placed subway lines of each city directly on the map. You can easily find the nearest subway station if you decide to walk around the city or find out how far a certain place is located from the subway.
This is useful for navigation and planning. You can see in advance how much time you will spend in the subway, how much to go to the station from the nearest sight, and how to get there. For example, you want to see the Colosseum at sunset, and then catch the Barberini Garden, but you cannot imagine how long it will take to go there taking into account the subway. You can lay a route including the subway. The map will calculate the time in the subway and walk to the attraction if it's nearby the station. You will be able both to see the Colosseum in the lights and walk in one of the most beautiful parks of Rome.
How to Use It
Information about the subway on our map is implemented through a special layer. A layer is an isolated set of data that can be displayed or hidden on the map. Traffic jams work in the same way. To activate the layer, you need to touch the icon in the upper left corner and select one of the options. The map will display the lines with the names of the stations as they are actually located in the city.
We are working to add even more cities in the app, in which it will be possible to lay a route with the subway. Read maps and travel with MAPS.ME ♥️
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