Community first. How OSM users help to create the world's most detailed maps
News | 21.08.2019
MAPS.ME users have made in total more than 3,153,299 edits to the OpenStreetMap service through the built-in editor in the application, and this number is still growing. Of these, 208,931 notes and 1,054,068 revisions have been made to already existing places. A lot of comments, new places, secret locations and other places that are not marked on any maps. It is time to tell about how the maps in the application work.
Where we get the data?
MAPS.ME means not only offline navigation, bookmarks, or a catalogue of guides. This is a large community of travelers whose members help to make your favorite maps better every day.

Our application is based on OpenStreetMap, an open cartographical resource. This is like a Wikipedia for maps. All users can make data publicly available after registering on the service. For example, one can correct an inaccuracy, add a new location, or delete information that is no longer relevant. OpenStreetMap moderators will check everything if the changes are useful, the edits will be moderated and appear on the maps. For new information, the OSM community even has its own concept – "to map", that is, add a new place to the map.
Why is that great?
You probably wondered more than once why your favorite and, you would think, secret place is marked on the map. Or how did these thousands of parking lots, campsites, gas stations, secret paths and hidden viewing platforms appeared on MAPS.ME. All this is the merit of OpenStreetMap users who "map" every day, make hundreds of edits to the maps, share information with the international OSM community and with us.
We are pleased to provide this data to MAPS.ME users even off-line. This makes the maps in our application detailed and constantly updated. Marks are one of our favorite features at MAPS.ME. Thanks to the marks, one can conveniently share locations with soul-mates, mark points and plan trips together, or get interesting places from a friend's latest trip.
Edits appear in OSM within an hour, and we download them with each new release, about once a month. It turns out that the OpenStreetMap, MAPS.ME teams and thousands of travelers around the world work together to travelling even more convenient, and to ensure that the lack of Internet did not interfere with getting new experiences.
How to edit a map?
You can edit data not only through the OpenStreetMap website, but also directly through the MAPS.ME application. You do not need Internet to make edits. But if you want to share information with all members of the community, you shall go to your OSM account in the application settings of the OpenStreetMap profile. On iOS devices, you can use your Google or Facebook accounts to sign in. Then edits will be available to all map users.

The owners of cafes, restaurants or other public spaces can also add their organizations to the map. One can display on the place card the opening hours, website, category and contacts, so that it is more convenient to quickly get basic information about the institution.
If you see inaccurate or irrelevant information, places can be edited. To do this, leave a message to the OSM community members – this can also be done in the application. Also, you can add notes on the OpenStreetMap website and describe in detail what changes you recommend to make. If the edits are relevant you will do a good job for the OSM community.

It is interesting to "map" because you immediately see the result of work in the application and on the OpenStreetMap website and you understand that you have made yourself useful to a large community of travelers from all over the world.
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