Grand Central Terminal in New York
Sights | 11.09.2019
Many are familiar with the world's main metropolis, even if they have never been there. Popular films that have been shot here number in the hundreds. And the main attractions can be named by anyone who has watched at least "Home Alone".
About Grand Central Terminal
Grand Central Terminal of New York was opened in 1871, but it still remains the world's first largest in terms of traffic density: there are 67 tracks and 44 platforms. Located in downtown Manhattan at the intersection of 42nd Street and Park Avenue, Grand Central Terminal is not just one of the city's main transportation hubs and an iconic attraction from the movies. It is also a cultural center with an event calendar, cafes and shops. From Grand Central Terminal, it is easy to walk to the Chrysler Building one way or walk along Fifth Avenue to Bryant Park the other way.
Do you know?
Under the station there is a secret room with an area of the main hall? The place is called "Room M-42" and the resonant history of the Second World War is associated with it.

In 1944, M-42 became Hitler's target. Someone from the station staff gave the Nazis the information about the existence of the room where energy converters were installed. The machines turned the current from alternating to constant and provided energy for the railway tracks of the station. During the war, most of the military supplies passed through New York. Disabling generators would have prevented the export of resources to the front and affected the operation of the entire railway communication of the city.
Despite the importance of the facilities and the secrecy of the location, the transducers could have been damaged easily. For example, it was possible to fill sand in the mechanisms and everything would have stopped working. In those days, it was important to get to the structures and then there was little left to do.

Therefore, special German agents had to get into the bunker. But they were quickly caught and arrested. The spies made two mistakes:

1. The arrival of the submarine on Long Island was recorded by US intelligence agencies. German agents managed to escape, but in New York everyone was warned.
2. The spies handed over their things to the luggage office at the station. Due to the information received, the management of the Grand Central carefully checked the luggage of the arrived. At the station, they already knew whose bags it was, so all that was left to do was to wait for the owners to return for them.

And so it happened. The FBI arrested the agents, and the US authorities sentenced them to death for a crime against the state. Two of them managed to escape the fate in return for the details of the operation.
There is no Room M-42 on any maps and drawings of the Grand Central Terminal. Despite the fact that the existence of the premises is known to many, its location is unknown, and getting there is not simple. But it's easy to get to Grand Central Terminal itself. You need the Grand Central – 42 St metro station or the bus stop 42nd & Vanderbilt Ave, any of the buses M1, M2, M3, M4, M42, M101, M102, M103 will bring you to the right place.
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