Photo essay: fabulous Krakow

Stories | 16.10.2020
Margarita Smirnova
Blogger, iPhone-photographer, author of the Krakow online guide and the Stylish City Hotels project
It is easy to feel like in a fairy tale in Krakow: strikingly beautiful medieval architecture, cobbled streets, horses with carriages, and even a real Wawel Castle in the very center of the city. Apart from the architectural beauty, there is the glorious Vistula River that runs through the whole city and makes it especially picturesque.

And Kazimierz is a very special area in stark contrast to all other places in Krakow. Kazimierz has gone through its golden age and decline, but has managed to maintain a special charm, atmosphere and authenticity. Now there are several museums, various local shops, restaurants, pubs, and antique shops in the small streets and squares of Kazimierz. 7 synagogues have survived to this day, which are the main cultural value of Kazimierz.

With all the spirit of the Middle Ages and fabulousness, modern Krakow has been developing rapidly in recent years and can amaze with stylish and conceptual spaces. I love this mix of old and modern in one place.
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"I like that there is always a festive atmosphere here, no one is in a hurry, there are crowds of tourists and expats on the streets, there's quite a bit of activity going on: various festivals, concerts, street theater, filming (before the pandemic). It is enough to stroll through the center of the old city to feel like a tourist in your own city and become revived with the cool atmosphere".
Words and images by Margarita Smirnova
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