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Journeys | 05.08.2020
Visiting museums and relaxing on the beach may be boring for some travelers. For such people, the best leisure is an opportunity to assay their strength and reach a new level of awareness of their capabilities. We'll tell you about the places to go for a dose of adrenaline.
Basejumping in the Cave of Swallows in Mexico
A karst mine is a deep, vertical well-shaped cave. The deepest one is in the Mexican state of San Luis Potosi. Its hole is 49 by 62 meters wide, and reaches 380 meters in depth. Due to its size, the cave is popular with base jumpers – athletes who jump with parachute from static objects.

The jump time is about 12 seconds, after which you'll have to spend 2 to 5 hours on the way back along the sheer wall of the mine. This certainly adds complexity and a certain "status" to the cave among extreme sports lovers: in addition to experience in base jumping, you also need to have climbing skills.
You are allowed to visit the cave strictly in a certain time period: from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. Rigid frames are installed so as not to bother the birds that inhabit the cave: during the day they leave the nest, and in the evening they return back.

It is curious that, although the cave is named after swallows, other birds live here – white-collared swifts and Mexican green conures from the parrots. Birdwatching is an excellent alternative activity for those who are not into extreme sports, but want to see the cave with their own eyes.
Cycling along Death Road in Bolivia
The mountain trail connecting the Bolivian capital La Paz and the city of Coroico is rightfully considered one of the most dangerous roads in the world. The track reaches an altitude of about 4.5 kilometers and then descends to 1.2 kilometers. Its total length is 64 kilometers, and the entire track is full of dangers: landslides, dust, sharp turns, elevation differences – and all this without any guard railings.

In the last century, when an intercity bus route and trucks passed along the road, up to 300 people died here every year. Now the track has lost its logistic significance, but its popularity among tourists is constantly growing – about 25 thousand people visit it annually, most of them are extreme cyclists.
At a leisurely pace, it takes about five hours to complete the route. If you have no experience with difficult cycling trails, it is recommended to travel in a group with a guide. The guides will tell you which areas to pay special attention to, as well as organize stops during which you can have a snack, relax and take photos. Apart from the ability to ride a bicycle, special skills are not required – the main thing is to maintain concentration and pay attention to the road boulders, which the locals call "baby heads".

The optimal time to travel along the Death Road is from May to October. At this time there is the dry season in Bolivia, which means you can avoid additional hazards: fog, rain and degraded soil.
Bungee jumping over the Villarrica volcano in Chile
One of the most active volcanoes in South America is located in the Chilean part of the South Andes. Eruptions have been regularly recorded here since 1558. The current maximum quiet period is 30 years, Villarrica's last erupted in March 2015.

The Villarrica area is popular with people who enjoy bungee jumping. Bungee jumping is a free fall from a height on a long rubber rope (bungee) that can stretch and contract.
Tourists who come to this region have the opportunity to get a gigantic dose of adrenaline in just one day. Bungee.com offers an extreme tour package that includes bungee jumping from a helicopter into the mouth of the volcano, rafting and relaxing at the hot springs. The package costs about $16,000 per person and includes 5 days' accommodation in a five-star hotel, food and drinks.

The main attraction of the program is the volcano crater jump. The length of the rope is about 100 meters, and the distance to the glowing avalanche is about 200 meters. Fortunately, despite the seeming danger, no fatalities have been recorded in jumping so far.
Bathing in the Devil's Font in Zambia
Victoria Falls on the Zambezi River is one of the most beautiful places in Africa. At the top of the waterfall, near the Livingston Island, you can find a small cavity of natural origin called the Devil's Font.

The pool got its name "Devil's Font" due to the fact that it is located directly over a hundred-meter precipice. The peculiarity of the font is that the stones located near the cliff block the flow of the Zambezi, forming a natural bay. This makes bathing relatively safe.
The desire to bathe a few meters away from mortal danger and admire the fantastic view attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world. When planning a trip, it is important to remember that you can visit the Devil's Font strictly in certain months – from September to December, when the water level in the Zambezi is quite low. But even at this time, due to the rather strong current on the approaches to the cavity, you can bathe only under the supervision of guides.
Hiking on Huashan Mountain in China
Mount Huashan is located in the Chinese province of Shaanxi, to the east of Xi'an city. Huashan is a sacred mountain in Taoism, there are temples and monasteries here. Among extreme lovers, Huashan is known as one of the most dangerous places for hiking.

The most famous leg of the route is the 30-meter section of the path to the South Peak, which is called the Death Trail. It was built several centuries ago by the monks who lived in these places. The trail is a narrow path made of boards nailed to a sheer cliff. Here you will not find railings or wire mesh fencing – you can hold onto the chains attached to the rock. Since recently, travelers are required to wear a safety harness system as well. After passing the trail, the participants of the ascent get to the observation deck, which offers a wonderful view of the mountains and monasteries.
Death Trail is not the only reason to visit Huashan. Apart from it, there are several unusual roads that are safer, but no less interesting. Those who prefer a more settled rest can stay in hotels on one of the peaks and use the cable car.

Tourist season on Mount Huashan is from May to October. For especially beautiful views, you should come in September. The best time to walk in the mountains is during dawn hours, when there are fewer people on the mountain.
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