Photo essay: Empty New York City

Stories | 01.08.2020
Victoria Nikky
Fashion and portrait photographer
More than 60 million people visit New York every year. The city that never sleeps and always shines with thousands of lights from taxis to huge advertising screens in Times Square. This spring we saw the city empty for the first time. New York is special and completely different without people. Most likely, the "big apple" will never appear in this state again. We asked local photographer Viktoria Nikiforova to share her gallery of images of the desert metropolis to show you what New York looked like during the world's silence.
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"Mesmerizing with power and energy, New York City inspires me in a way that non-other cities do. Even when the Broadway shows, the movie theaters, the restaurants, all the stores, and the street life are all shuttered for now. The city still remains beautiful."
Words and images by Viktoria Nikiforova
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