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Journeys | 15.01.2020
The beautiful city of Glasgow has pretty much everything you will ever need from a city break. Filled with delicious restaurants, world-famous sights, an incredible social scene, and a shopping culture to boot, and to top it all off, it is only a short drive to some of the most incredible sights in the Scottish highlands.

Once you have shopped till you dropped and have discovered all there is to see in the city centre, turn your attention north and explore some of the more remote locations around the central highlands of Scotland. This is a guide from travelers and bloggers Highlands2hammocks to some of the best day trips from Glasgow and is filled with sights that you simply cannot miss.
Devils Pulpit
One of the most unique sights in Scotland sits hidden in the middle of a rather obscure forest right in the heart of Scotland's highlands. This is just one of the many beautiful stops along the Heart 200 Road Trip in the Perthshire region of Scotland. As you walk through the forest, take care not to slip into the Finnich Glen, a huge scar in the Scottish landscape that drops a massive 70ft to the floor below.
Famously known as the Devil's Pulpit, this incredible, natural phenomenon has the ability to transport you from the breezy forest above to an entirely different world. As you descend into the canyon, taking care along the broken and slippery steps, your world becomes muffled by the moss-covered walls around you, all noises of the outside world replaced by the trickling of the blood-red stream before you.
This gorge became known locally as the Devil's Pulpit due to the mushroom-shaped rock that you can find further along the stream to your left, which is said to have been used by the Devil itself to address followers. You can almost imagine it perched on top of the rock, blood-water swirling around its feet.
The redness of the water does, in fact, have a much less creepy origin than these old tales, resulting instead from the sandstone base of the deep gorge of the Finnish Glen.
Once you are finished exploring the cultural capital of Scotland, why not head east to its beautiful sister city, Edinburgh. The most popular choice of city to visit on any visit to Scotland, it is easy to see why so many people fall in love with the city, locals and tourists alike.

As you walk through the winding, cobbled streets of the capital city, it is very easy to become lost in time, imagining what life might have been like in on these streets hundreds of years ago. Many of the buildings date back to these days, with very little change to show the difference in time.
Every corner you turn is simply immersed in history, from that of the kings and queens of Scotland themselves to tales of your everyday man and woman that once lived in this city. You can almost hear the clamor and shouting of the local markets as you make your way along the alleyways.
Take a moment to catch the most beautiful view in the city at the narrow laneways of the Vennel, which literally translates to a narrow passage between buildings. This spot is especially beautiful at the golden hours of the day, such as sunrise or sunset, as the castle comes to life in a beautiful, golden glow.
Inveruglus Pyramid
The newest addition to the Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond, the Inveruglus Pyramid (also known as the An Ceann Mor) is a particular favourite spot of ours as it has been the location of off-the-radar date nights for years. Half-way up the western coast of Loch Lomond, sits the Inveruglus Visitor Centre, an unmissable sight due to the towering pipes of the Hydro Station leading up the mountain on your left.
This Visitor Centre sits on a small outcrop of land sitting on the loch, which also happens to offer one of the best viewpoints in the entire area along the length of the loch. When you arrive in the car park, walk straight past the Visitor Centre, climbing the stairs to a high point on the outcrop.

As you turn the corner you will see the 8-metre tall structure of wood on the right hand side. This monument to the Loch was constructed in 2015 and features a tunnel leading through its belly, unveiling the gorgeous views before as you walk through it. The 32 steps lead up towards a series of wooden seats, with a free to use a set of fixed binoculars at the top, perfect for admiring the incredible view in front of you.
Sitting on the eastern shore of Loch Lomond, this sleepy town is much quieter than its western-shore counterparts. This is mainly because of the road on the eastern side of the Loch, which doesn't really lead anywhere in particular once you are through the village of Balmaha. Instead, it thins out until reaching the village of Rowardennan where it ends.
This is perfect, however, as it means that you have more chance to experience the beauty of the Loch without the masses of the western coast. The most popular sights in this small town are the local gift shop, the Oak Tree Inn, the Tom Weir Statue (a famous climber who's statue is often seen decorated in strange hats), and the Conic Hill hike.
If you do venture to this part of the Loch, we highly recommend you enjoy the gentle hike to the top of Conic Hill. This walk is not strenuous by any means, however, it can still get steep at certain times, so wear appropriate footwear.
You will reach an initial viewpoint that gives you spectacular views out over the loch and it is up to you if you wish to continue along the slightly more difficult path to the top. Either way, make sure you stop and admire the best view of Loch Lomond from above.
Falls of Falloch
Sitting just up from the northern point of Loch Lomond, these waterfalls are a popular stopping off spot for adventurers heading on through to Glencoe. This is mainly due to it being one of the easiest waterfalls walks you will ever do in your life.
The car park for the Falls of Falloch sits just south of the Drovers Inn, and from here it is a gentle 10-minute walk to the plunge pool of the falls themselves.
There are multiple viewpoints of the falls, from below and from above. If you walk around to the right, taking care not to slip on the grass underfoot, the path will lead you to a stony beach below the waterfall. If you wish for a higher vantage point, continue all the way to the plunge pool itself and on the left, you will see a metal walkway leading out over the waterfall below.

This waterfall is hugely popular during the summer months for cliff jumping and swimming in the refreshing water of the falls. Bear in mind that the water is runoff from the hills above, and as such the temperature of the water rarely reaches above 15oC. Maybe a wetsuit is the best option?
Glen Etive
If you continue on your road trip along Loch Lomond and into the rugged highlands, you will eventually arrive at one of the most picturesque areas in Scotland, if not the world. The drive along the A82, just as you approach the Glencoe Ski Resort, is one of the most spectacular drives you are likely to experience in your Scotland trip.
As you arrive onto the top of the Glencoe plateau, you are welcomed into the Land of the Sleeping Giants, towering beasts surrounding you in all directions, all resting in an ancient slumber.
One point you will want to stop in on your journey along this glen is the famous and unmistakable Kings House hotel. Sitting on the right of the road, you will recognise it by its pale white walls and modest size. Pull in here for the perfect photo opportunity of the towering obelisk of the Bouchaille Etive Mor.

Once you have admired the beauty of the rocky mountain head further along the A82 and turn left into the Glen Etive track. Make your way along this winding, single-track road until you reach the famous photo spot from the James Bond movie, Skyfall. A fantastic way to end your trip into the wilderness of Scotland.
Whether you are into the quaint beauty of Scotland's historic buildings or the humbling sight of its towering giants of the north, the perfect day trip from Glasgow is only a couple of hours away. Once you are satisfied with your trip to the city make sure you escape to these remote and beautiful places.
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