Cooking at home. Immersing ourselves in the culture of different countries with recipes for national dishes
Journeys | 14.10.2020
Traveling to a new country is a good reason to try local cuisine. Now, when there are still fewer trips than we would like, delicious food helps to recollect the last vacation or dream about the next. We'll tell you about authentic recipes of national dishes that can be cooked at home.
Moussaka, Greece
It is worth considering a trip to Greece solely to try moussaka. Download travel guides to Greece to plan your trip and taste the dish in its homeland.
Kimchi, South Korea
If you happen to visit South Korea, don't miss the opportunity to compare the local kimchi with what you prepare at home. Our routes will help you plan your upcoming trip.
Tom Yum, Thailand
After making the soup, you'll probably want to go to Thailand. Detailed country guides will help make your trip even more fulfilling.
Smörrebrods, Denmark
Today Smörrebrods are an integral part of Scandinavian culture. If you want to know other features of the Nordic countries, take a look at the guides catalog – there you will find options for walking to interesting places in the region.
Baklava, Turkey
Baklava is a national pride in Turkey. Do you want to know what else this country is famous for? Go to the guide catalog and choose the ones you like.
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