We've updated our auto navigation
News | 22.05.2019
We're happy to announce that our navigation has become even more useful for your adventures! We've marked toll and dirt roads and also ferry crossings on our maps.
Imagine, you're travelling across the country and you want to choose the perfect route. Whether you want to quickly reach your destination or take a more adventurous path. Now you're in charge of how your route will be organised.

When you plan your route hit the "Define roads to avoid" button if you want to exclude a particular type of road from all of your routes. Whether it's toll roads, unpaved roads, ferry crossings or even motorways (if you travel by bike, for example).
All the types of roads have their own icons on maps so you won't miss them. You can set routing options for one particular route right on the map.

For example, you want to pick a shorter, but more adventurous way for your road trip or, maybe you just don't like ferry crossings for some reason. Just tap on the ferry crossing icon and you'll see the "Avoid ferry crossing" button. Just click on it and our maps will suggest another route.
Flexible and smarter navigation is the best way to save your time during long road-trips, make sure you're aware of the route and maybe even add some sort of adventure to your journey.

Update MAPS.ME on the Apple Store and Google Play to get the new feature.
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