Photo essay: Atmospheric Myanmar

Stories | 11.06.2020
Oleh Slobodeniuk
Travel and expedition photographer from Ukraine
When speaking about Myanmar, or Burma as it was previously known, it's worth starting with the fact that the country was run by a military dictatorship and closed off from strong external influence. It was only relatively recently that Myanmar opened its borders, making it possible for everyone to see its incredible destinations.

When I traveled around the country, it seemed to me that I had traveled through time and found myself in the British colonial era. Because it had been closed off to the outside world, Myanmar preserved its culture and way of life. Tourism is just beginning to develop here, so locals aren't used to making money off of tourists. This is the only country in Asia where I managed to completely relax and not worry that I'd be overcharged, deceived, or robbed. People here are as warm as can be and try to help without expecting anything in return.
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"Although traveling in Burma is wonderful, it can be challenging at times. Some regions constantly get closed off due to conflicts that spark up, and the roads and transportation systems are stuck in time, just like everything else. So be prepared to spend several days hopping from one bus to another if you want to see far-off, exotic locales. Myanmar is an entirely different kind of travel experience. In a sense, it takes you back through time. Get there as soon as possible before mass tourism and development spoil it."
Words and images by Oleh Slobodeniuk
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