Barcelona on a budget. 11 free places in the city
Tips | 20.09.2019
We continue to tell you how to have a good time in big cities without spending money. We have already written about the best free places of New York and London, and now the time has come for Barcelona.
1. Mount Tibidabo
Only 7km from the center of Barcelona you can get to the highest point of the city (512m) - Mount Tibidabo. The reason to come here is not just the view. An incredibly beautiful Neo-Gothic cathedral Temple of the Sacred Heart was built here in the end of the 19th century. You can admire the beauty of its architecture from the outside, and then go inside, admission is free.

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2. Parc de la Ciutadella
The name of the park dates back to the 18th century, when in the center of Barcelona, on the orders of Philip V, there was built a fortress in order to suppress the freedom-loving nature of the locals. With the loss of military significance in the 19th century, the fortress was demolished and turned into a park, which is now on the contrary considered a symbol of freedom. It's a nice place for a walk in the evening, and it is also free.

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3. Barcelona Cathedral
The Gothic Quarter of Barcelona is a free attraction by itself. But if you want to visit a traditional cathedral in the Gothic style, then you will like the Cathedral of the Holy Cross and St. Eulalia. The construction began in the 13thcentury, and finished only in the 15th. It is executed according to the Catalan Gothic law, and you can get under the dome and enjoy the panorama of Barcelona.

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4. Santa Maria del Mar
If you like Gothic architecture, Santa Maria del Mar in Barcelona is also worth having a look at. The cathedral was built in 55 years (in those days it was considered fast), taking into account the fact that during the construction a significant part of the church burned down, the restoration of which took another four years. Inside you can look at the stained-glass windows and listen to the organ. Just remember that the entrance is free from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM and from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM, at another time you will have to buy a ticket.

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5. Casa Milà or La Pedrera
The architecture of Gaudi and Barcelona are two inseparably associated things. The architect's works are located throughout the city. But it was Casa Mila that became the last order for Gaudi before he devoted all his efforts to creating Sagrada Familia Cathedral and you can enjoy the beauty of its architecture from outside for free.

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6. Mount Montjuic
Not a single trip to this beautiful city goes without sunset at the observation deck. We advise you to climb Mount Montjuic for good views of the surroundings of the city. This interesting name has two versions of translation: Jewish mountain – Mont juïc and Jupiter mountain – mons Jovicus. The hill itself is not just an observation deck, but also an area with attractions.

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7. Magic fountains
If we continue the theme of the sights of Mount Montjuic, one of the main ones is magic fountains. Depending on the summer or winter timetable, a fountain show takes place at Montjuic Square four times a week. The fountains do not work in January and February, so if you decide to come to Barcelona in the winter, it is better to check the schedule in advance. The rest of the time you can enjoy the colorful show and not pay a single euro.

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8. Park Güell
The project of architect Antonio Gaudi was originally conceived as a residential area with city views. But the idea failed for various reasons, and as a result, Park Güell was sold to the city administration of Barcelona, which turned the space into a public zone. For all the time only two people lived here: lawyer MartíTrias i Domènech and Gaudi himself. Also, a third house was built here, which was supposed to be a prototype of accommodation, but no one settled there.

But now Park Güell is one of the main attractions of Barcelona, part of the UNESCO World Heritage and a striking example of Gaudi architecture. The central area of the Park Guel is paid, to get to the park for free use the right or left entrance. You still will be able to take photos of gingerbread houses and enjoy the view of Barcelona from the above.

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9. Barcelona beaches
Do not forget that Barcelona is not just a city with an interesting history and architecture. After all, it stands on the sea, which means that there are beaches and you can relax on warm sand. You can go to the beach of Sant Miquel, convenient in terms of location, and if you always wanted to visit a nudist beach, then you should go to Sant Sebastia.

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10. Sagrada Familia Cathedral
it is enough to see many famous attractions from the outside to enjoy their beauty and grandeur. There are many of them around the world: Colosseum in Rome, Eiffel Tower in Paris, and so on. It will be quite enough to see the most significant work of Gaudi, Sagrada Familia, from the outside. In our maps, articles from Wikipedia are loaded for popular attractions, so you get a small free tour. You can also go inside if you are a big fan of architecture and painting, but in this case you'll have to pay.

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11. Botanical Garden
Walking along Mount Montjuic, you should go to the Botanical Garden of Barcelona. Plants are divided by geographical zones, and you can roam here at least all day – the area of the garden is 14 hectares. Convenient walking paths, flowers, rare plants and the city view as a bonus. The first Sunday of the month the entrance to the garden is free, and if you take care and buy a tourist card, you can come here at any time and pay nothing.

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