New York on a budget. 10 free places in the city
Tips | 13.06.2019
We continue to debunk the myths about the most expensive cities in the world. We have already told about London, now New York is on the waiting list and our ten points will prove that even in such an expensive metropolis there are places to go and not spend a single dollar.
1. The High Line
In 2009, an architectural project was opened: a park on the site of an old railway, and in 2014, when the last works were completed, The High Line became a new must-visit place on the map of New York.
The park itself is a former railway overpass that connects Hudson Yard and the Meatpacking district. The railway was closed in 1980, and only in the early 2000s the city administration decided on this large-scale project costing $150 million.
Now it is a green alley at a height of 10m above the ground, a favourite place among locals, tourists and street artists.

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2. The Staten Island Ferry
In New York, you can look at the city from the water free of charge if you decide to go to Staten Island. The ferry service between Manhattan and Staten Island was organised in 1884. This is a great, and most importantly, a free way to look at the statue of liberty and the panorama of the city. The journey itself takes 25-30 minutes.

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3. Bryant Park movie nights
In the summer, New Yorkers love to come to parks with blankets and picnic food and spend such warm evenings there. In Bryant Park, such an occasion is also accompanied by a film at sunset. Usually these are old films, for example, "Carrie" from 1976, "Glorious Boys" from 1990, and others. Everything is free, but it is better to come in advance and get a good seat at the front of the screen. The schedule can be found on New York's official tourist website.

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4. American Folk Art Museum
The American Folk Art Museum, where works of nameless self-taught artists are exhibited. The exhibition contains more than 7,000 exhibits that will tell you about the history of America in an unusual way. The museum has everything from paintings to antique furniture from 1700 to the present day.
If you want to look at something national and at the same time authentic, then you've definitely come to the right place. Also, admission is free of charge.

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5. New York Public Library
Right behind Bryant Park is the New York Public Library. The city is not one building, but a huge network. The library on Fifth Avenue is one of the city's famous architectural landmarks. It's worth going inside The Rose Main Reading Room at least once. This room measures 2,000 m²and has a ceiling height of 15 m, with huge windows and lighting from massive chandeliers. Entry to the library is free.

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6. The Museum at FIT
Opened in 1969, the New York Museum at Fashion Institute of Technology collects samples of clothing from the 18th century to the present day. Those interested in the industry will be keen in seeing old collections of Calvin Klein, Gucci, Dior, Balenciaga, vintage fabrics, accessories and an archive of photos from Vogue fashion shoots and Harper's Bazaar. The museum conducts excursions, workshops and round tables. All this can be visited without spending a single penny.

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7. Big Apple Greeter free tours
Not many people know about the existence of the international greeter-association, which organises free walking tours in more than 140 destinations across the globe. A greater is a local who will show travellers his favourite places in the city free of charge and he'll tell you all about them.

In New York, this is the Big Apple Greeter organisation. If you want to go on an excursion you'll need to fill in a form on their website 3-4 weeks before your trip. It's important to remember that this is volunteer work and it's locals accompanying you, not professional guides. Such a walk will appeal to all who come with the desire to experience the local rhythm of life as much as possible.
8. Federal Hall
This is a building on Wall Street where the first president, George Washington, took the oath in 1700 and where the Bill of Rights was then passed. Now it is a free museum where you can learn more about Washington's inauguration, feeling like you're at the centre of such an important historical place for US history and look at the architecture of the building, which dates back to 1842.

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9. Socrates Sculpture Park
New York's famous coastal park located in Queens with strange sculptures (for example, a painted black pickup truck) and views of the East River and the city panorama. There used to be a dump here, until artists came and turned the space into an open studio and exhibition space.

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10. Popular attractions
One big plus of New York is that the city is like one giant landmark. There are many famous places from movies and books. These are mostly public spaces, so no one will charge you for entering. Many of these locations cannot be missed because they are integral to the city's history or have a cult popularity.

Times Square is undoubtedly one of the most recognisable places in the city. It is difficult to count how many times this square, with its buildings covered with giant advertising screens, has appeared in films.
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Central Park is another place that no visit to New York can do without. If you want to feel like a real local, we advise you to go here for a jog early in the morning.
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Brooklyn Bridge – New York Bridge, which connects areas of Brooklyn and Manhattan. A walk over it will take time some time, but it is worth it, so get your camera ready.
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9/11 Memorial – a memorial dedicated to the most terrible act of terrorism in modern history. On the site of the collapsed towers of the World Trade Center in New York there are now two fountains and a square with plaques on which the names of the deceased are written.
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Grand Central Station – even if the name is unfamiliar to you, you will have definitely seen the main hall of the terminal in one of the countless American films.
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Wall Street is New York's main financial street, which stretches over eight blocks. The main attraction here is the stock exchange and people constantly rushing around in perfectly ironed suits.
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